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I happened to come across a picture that a friend of mine took a couple years ago that I thought you photographers out there would appreciate.
Vincent was a ranch hand at the Muir Trail Ranch in the Sierra Nevada mountains for a few years. His cousin Hilary is quite a bareback rider and he asked her to ride one of the ranch horses through a stream towards him. Vince lay on his stomach in the ice-cold stream and allowed the horse to run right over and past him, knowing that the animal was trained to avoid stepping on people.
They did a few passes of this, each time the horse calmly trotting right over Vince, and here is the result:
(Copyright Vincent Solari)

I went on a little trip into the desert recently to do some orienteering. The wind picked up pretty good at night and some buddies dug a pit and started a fire for us all.

Here is a 15 second exposure of the action, late at night, with a full moon, a flashlight, and a high wind.

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