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The goal of Micro-Robot Explorer task was to further robotics research in the areas of small, lightweight, and versatile advanced mobility robots. This new class of robots may be used in many different applications in the future, ranging from mobile networks of sensors to zero gravity maintenance and repair.

The first in the line of MRE robots was Yosi, named “Spider-Bot” for it’s insect-like appearance. This first MRE was a proof-of-concept to represent a node in a mobile network of sensors for solid-surface exploration.

Webcrawler was a six-legged robot similar to Yosi, but with a different purpose. Webcrawler was capable of walking up-side down across a rigid mesh-like structure. In an attempt to find another solution to the web crawling problem, the Brachiation-Bot was created – a simple, two-appendage robot that was also capable of traversing a rigid mesh structure. Both robots were proof-of-concepts for a possible future system that could monitor and maintain such structures in space, like large radar arrays.



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